North West Regional Organised Crime Unit

North West Elderly Targeted by unscrupulous Fraudsters impersonating Police Officers

Wed 09th, May

Titan North West Regional Organised Crime unit have seen a rise in fraudsters targeting the elderly purporting to be Police Officers.

The elderly are told that the safety of their savings is in jeopardy, and that they must urgently transfer their savings into an account controlled by the fraudsters.

The North West Region has seen 24 such cases since January 2018, where £45,350 has been stolen in total, and £18,900 has been stolen off one victim alone. Often the suspects claim to be from Hammersmith Police Station, or from “Serious Fraud Squads” in various locations across the country, and will introduce themselves credibly with a pseudonym name and “collar” (Police Identification) number. They also seem to know various levels of detail about their victims, including their name, address, bank or building society, and balance.

Detective Inspector Lynden James from Titan’s Regional Economic Crime Team has said “These Fraudsters are targeting the most vulnerable in our communities, who are often the least informed about security and banking protocols. They inflict fear and urgency to gain compliance from their victims and the financial and psychological damage suffered cannot be underestimated. I would like to highlight the message that Police Officers would never ask you to move funds from one account to another. If you doubt the authenticity of a Police Officer contact Non-Emergency Police Number 101. If you doubt the authenticity of a bank employee, end the call and make your own enquiries to find a credible number for your bank, such as your local bank landline number to inform them. Do not trust any numbers provided to you by callers”.