North West Regional Organised Crime Unit


Fri 20th, Jan

A 26 year-old man was today, Friday 20th January, jailed for five years after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering.

A 26 year-old man was today, Friday 20th January, jailed for five years after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering.

Officers from TITAN, the North West Regional Organised Crime Team, together with officers from Cheshire Police, executed a warrant at the home address of Seun Rilwan Anifowose in Museum Street Warrington on Thursday 10th November 2016.

Anifowose was arrested for offences including money laundering, possessing articles used in fraud and possessing identity documents with improper intention.

TITAN’s Economic Crime Unit attributed in excess of $4m worth of counterfeit US postal orders to Anifowose, which had been intercepted coming into the UK from Nigeria.

In an attempt to conceal his identity Anifowose had used multiple pseudonyms and addresses in Merseyside, Wales and Cheshire.

Anifowose was also questioned with regards to money laundering, with in excess of £130,000 passing through his bank account during 2014. Anifowose could not present any lawful reason for possessing the funds and fully admitted that these monies were the proceeds of online dating frauds.

On January 6th 2017 Anifowose pleaded guilty to three offences of possession of articles to be used in fraud, possession of an identity document to be used in fraud and money laundering.

Today he was sentenced to five years.

Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Green, the head of TITAN said: “This was a large scale fraud, which was committed over a considerable period of time and involved transactions between Nigeria, the UK and the United States. Anifowose was involved in serious and organised crime that not only impacted across the US and Nigeria but right here within our region, in Cheshire, In North Wales and in Merseyside.

“Not only did TITAN work with police agencies across the world they also worked across the boundaries of Merseyside, Wales and Cheshire to bring Anifowose to justice in what was a very speedy and well planned investigation.

“Fourteen packages were intercepted in the UK by the Border Agency which raised suspicions. When checked it emerged that the packages which were eventually destined for America, contained a number of counterfeit US postal orders amounting to in excess of $4m.

“Fraud is not a victimless crime and this was an attempt to carry out a large scale fraud which could have had a huge impact on the American economy.

“We hope that Anifowose’s sentencing acts as a deterrent to those people intent on committing these crimes and shows that all reports of fraud are taken extremely seriously and action will be taken against those who are responsible.”