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  • Ransomware advice

    Worried about the ransomware attack? click for advice

  • Data breach

    Worried about your data being lost by a company? This advice will help.

  • Got a virus?

    Legitimate companies do NOT cold call you to fix your computer

  • 3 golden rules

    What are the three golden rules of cyber security and do you follow them?

  • CISP

    Membership of the Cyber Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) is a must for businesses.

  • Cilck this link

    Did you spot the mistake??

    Don't click links on unsolicited emails or open attachments

    Never give financial details by e-mail

  • e-mail spoofing

    Do you really know where that e-mail came from? It may look like someone you know, but could easily be from a forged account. 



Cyber-crime is an ever increasing threat within the UK. The cost of cyber-crime is estimated to be costing the UK economy billions of pounds per year, and the costs to individuals and businesses are often staggering.

TITAN has a dedicated Cyber Crime team that works both reactively and proactively on significant cyber-crime investigations pursuing cyber-criminals.

But the team also proactively engages with businesses and communities in supporting them protect and prepare themselves against cyber-attack, as well as prevent individuals or groups from becoming cyber criminals in the first place.

GCHQ announced that 80% of cyber-crime is easily preventable, and so here in the North Western Region we want to help realise that figure to protect our communities and businesses from becoming victims so that we can focus our investigative resources on pursuing the most serious threats.

Here you will find articles, advisories and blogs aimed at keeping you up-to-date with the latest threats, trends and methods on how to protect yourself from cyber-attack.


Want to find out more about how to protect yourself and your business from cyber crime and online fraud? 

We have a series of useful videos on our Youtube channel from other organisations which may help you.

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